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Sometimes many people wish to register their Businesses but due to stress and time taking it take them down, to the extend that they don’t further their registration.
Before writing this article I go through many blog post and found out that the information was some how not complete, Is not complete because they haven’t include the keypoint on the registration process.
Before going further let me recap on the process with the missing information inclusive.

1. Who should register a Business

Alot of people want to register their Businesses but due to the fact that You need a Lawyer or Legal Practitioner to Register your business, Yes it required but only if you are going for LIMITED LIABILITY company, but for a business name you don’t require a Lawyer.
Registration steps for Business Names
1.Check for availability of the Business Name.
2. Complete pre-registration form – CAC-BNo1 (Online using Company Registration Portal)
3. Pay filing fee Check the Fees for our Services
 4. Steps 2-3 can be completed on the COMPANY REGISTRATION PORTAL (CRP)
Prepare the signed scan copy of your pre-registration documents for upload as follows:
>> Application form
>> Filing fee receipt
>>Means of Identification for the proprietor (s)
 5. Upload the scanned documents for processing.
 Note: Individual/Proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner, chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary.
After Completing all the above process, it is advisible to contact the CAC Office near you for the completion of your Application
The Serving Agent will tell you when you will come for your Certificate.
After you collect your certificate you can go for the TIN Registration which is absolutely free.
Note: You can not use your certificate to perform activities especially Opening Account with the Business Account and Recognition by other business until you obtain a TIN Number.