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The Nigerian Army has fired the soldiers suspected of killing Goni Aisami

The Nigerian Army has dismissed two of its soldiers who were suspected of killing the teacher of Yobe State, Goni Aisami, last week.

The two soldiers are Corporal John Gabriel and Adamu Gideon, who were presented to the press by the Nigerian Police Force on Thursday in Abuja, where the main suspect revealed how he shot the teacher.


Malam Goni Aisami

The Acting Commander of the 241 Reece Command in Nguru, Yobe State, Lt. Col. Ibrahim Osabo, told reporters that they were arrested by a joint committee between the police and the military.

He said that the soldiers were dismissed on two charges which included failure to perform their duty and defamation of their duty.


Colonel Osabo added that they will be handed over to the police in Damaturu to be charged in court.

The killing of Goni Aisami has drawn a lot of attention from Nigerians and leaders, where justice has been called for and the accused be punished immediately.


An zargi sojoji da kashe fitaccen malami Sheikh Goni Aisami a Yobe