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Neymar’s mother run back home after being attacked by a younger boyfriend Tiago Ramos

The mother of the Paris Saint Germain star Neymar Jr, Nadine Goncalves had to run back home after being attacked by her younger boyfriend Tiago Ramos.

The pair hit the headlines last year after going viral with their relationship, as the 54yrs old announced that she is romantically involved with the 25yrs old former footballer. Their relationship caused some buzz on the internet when it is finally unveiled.


It is being alleged that Ramos has attacked Nadine after she refused one of his more extravagant romantic suggestions. According to information from gente.ig, Ramos got worried after Goncalves did not comply with some of his more extravagant requests and completely lost control.

“The neighbours heard screams, cursing, the noise of bottles thrown on the ground and the voice of a woman crying,” Gabriel Perline reported.


Neymar’s mother scared left the apartment and asked the security not to let Ramos in her building. Goncalves head back to Santos and Ramos whom she ordered not to enter her house again, took refuge in his friend’s apartment.

Abubakar Masud
Latest Sports News Team.