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GB WhatsApp

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GB WhatsApp is a clone app of WhatsApp that is used by many for its additional features over the original app. Not all, however, are aware of the security risks associated with its use.


  • GB WhatsApp is a clone of WhatsApp that can be downloaded through an APK.
  • It offers users features like hidden message ticks, Auto-reply and more.
  • WhatsApp warns users against using such clone apps.

WhatsApp has no match when it comes to the number of users on a messaging platform. The chat app is the world’s most widely used app of its kind, much thanks to the ease of sharing data that it provides. Though just like any other app, it is not perfect, and users constantly demand more from it.

There are several features that WhatsApp misses out on, features which its users have repeatedly asked for. Features, which some of its spinoffs tend to offer.

GB WhatsApp is one such modified version of the chat app. Over the period of its existence, many have downloaded the app under the pretext that it is the original WhatsApp. Others made the choice to get hold of the extra features that it provides over WhatsApp.


The context remains the same – GB WhatsApp offers options that regular WhatsApp does not. Though these features come at a cost that one might be unaware of. Here is a look at it.

What is GB WhatsApp?


GB WhatsApp is an alternate or a modified version of WhatsApp. In essence, it is a completely different app that needs to be downloaded through an APK. That is because you won’t find GB WhatsApp on Google Play Store or Apple App Store due to some terms violation.

GB WhatsApp has been created by third party developers who wanted to build on WhatsApp. It thus has no connection to WhatsApp Inc whatsoever. Note that GB WhatsApp is not the only clone of WhatsApp. It is not a new app either, is just the popular WhatsApp Clone Application.


The app comes for both Android and iOS since long. Its purpose is to provide the same WhatsApp like experience to its users but with extra features that the original WhatsApp does not have.

These features include using dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device, hidden message ticks, Auto-reply (as seen on WhatsApp Business accounts), long video status and more.


WhatsApp warns against use

People tend to download the alternate version instead of the original WhatsApp due to these features mentioned above. However, WhatsApp has time and again warned against the practice.


Back in 2019, WhatsApp started temporarily banning accounts that were found to be associated with the use of GB WhatsApp. It issued a warning to users, stating that anyone found using such “unsupported version of WhatsApp” will face a temporary ban from the original app.

It even cleared that if users do not switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, their account “might be permanently banned from using WhatsApp.”


In the warning, WhatsApp directly pointed out that such unofficial apps are developed by third parties and violate its Terms of Service. It stated that it does not support these third-party apps because it can’t “validate their security practices.”

Dangers of using GB WhatsApp


The cause mentioned above is something that is not clear to all who use GB WhatsApp. While the clone app offers some exciting features, it takes away the very essence of WhatsApp messaging – end to end encryption.

There are no security checks in place, as with the original WhatsApp version and since apps like GB WhatsApp work in its name, WhatsApp deters users from being a victim of privacy infringement through the use of such apps.


In addition, it has been addressed on multiple occasions that several APK download links of GB WhatsApp have been found to be infested with malware, exposing users to an attack.

WhatsApp thus urges users to return to using the original app for these security reasons and also mentions of ways to do so on its security note.


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