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Buhari Support: Steps to get a free CAC registration

The Federal Government has approved the registration of 6,606 persons in the 34 states, free of charge, while Kano State has received the number of 8,406 persons registered with the Government for free registration.
CAC says everyone has the opportunity to come and register their company for free
But the system also applies to state government who will present the names of people they want to register.
One or Two people can register a single company


A person is asked to choose three names of their choice, who wants to register his company
Inside the three names, one will be selected but only if no one uses the name as a  company name
Your local or company address is being checked
One can say what kind of  business he wants to do such as tailoring or mechanics or any other profession.
Passport Photograph, phone number and email address if one has it.
Identity cards is also required, such as Driving License, passport or voting card.

Where to register?

The CAC has set up registration centers in all 36 states, and a person can visit any Branch.
The name also reveals the name of the officers who are in charge of the registration process and their contacting mobile numbers, which you can find more by clicking here
Registration will continue until December.